Mairangi Bay Landscaping Project

Mairangi Bay Landscaping Project

Client Overview and Previous Work

This Mairangi Bay Landscaping Project, located in Aucklands North Shore, was undertaken for Jan and Rob, a family of four with two children. This project marked our second collaboration with the clients, as we had previously built two fences and a deck for their property.

Initial Landscape Challenges

Before commencing the landscaping project, we encountered several challenges within the existing outdoor space. The property had an ageing, cracked concrete driveway, overgrown shrubs, and invasive Ivy climbers. The entrance posed safety hazards due to its slippery old timber surface. Additionally, poor drainage and ineffective space utilisation were key issues.


Client’s Vision and Project Requirements


With a budget range of $65,000 to $75,000, the clients had specific requirements in mind for their Mairangi Bay landscaping project.

Their vision included:


New Concrete Driveway and Earthworks: We aimed to replace the old, cracked concrete driveway and conduct necessary earthworks. The driveway extension was necessary to accommodate an additional car, and we also created a dedicated area for their new golden Retriever puppy, Milly, to play securely.


Enhanced Pathways: Our plan involved constructing a new pathway leading to the front door, as well as a separate pathway connecting the letterbox and front gate, improving accessibility throughout the property.


Driveway Drainage Fix: Addressing the existing drainage issues, we focused on installing a channel drain and a large drain pit within the new driveway. We also incorporated a concrete swale to direct water flow effectively.





Lighting and Planting: The clients desired improved lighting at the entranceway to enhance both safety and aesthetics. Furthermore, the new planting design aimed to allow more natural light into the space while softening the appearance of the driveway. A designated area for a sculpture was also requested.


Retaining Wall Construction: To optimise the functionality of the front area, we constructed a new retaining wall. This wall would help level the land, retain the dog zone/run, and contribute to the overall visual appeal near the front door.


Expansion of Driveway: In preparation for one of the children obtaining their driving licence, we needed to enlarge the driveway. By introducing a smooth curve and widening the area near the garage, we ensured sufficient space for an extra car. 

Project Execution and Highlights


To fulfil the requirements of the Mairangi Bay landscaping project, we executed the following steps:


  1. Driveway and Earthworks: We began by removing the old driveway and conducting earthworks. This involved creating the designated dog zone and expanding the driveway to the desired shape. The new driveway boasted exposed aggregate concrete with a Long Burn pebble finish. For added durability, we acid washed and sealed the concrete.
  2. Timber Boardwalk Steps and Landing: Our team constructed timber boardwalk steps and a landing using high-quality pine. To create a visually appealing finish, we stained the timber. Stainless steel lights were installed, enhancing both safety and aesthetics. The large landing area provided easy access to the front door.
  3. Secure Dog Zone: We built a monoslate-style fence for the designated dog zone, ensuring security for Milly. The fence was accompanied by a matching gate, both of which were painted to complement the overall look of the house.
  4. Effective Drainage System: Addressing the drainage issues, we installed a channel drain and a large drain pit within the new driveway. By introducing a concrete swale, we successfully guided water flow towards the new drain. Furthermore, we improved the falls




The project came together well and costs came within budget. All the elements worked well and exceeded the clients expectations



“Lush Environments’ team consisted of diligent and approachable individuals who brought a refreshing energy to our property. The dramatic transformation they achieved has left me eagerly anticipating the enjoyment it will bring, and I wholeheartedly endorse their services to others.”