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Driveway Pavers

Your Home Deserves a Grand Entrance

We’ve designed and installed quite a few impressive driveways over the years and we are happy to share some tips for the typical Auckland homeowner. While gravel, asphalt and concrete are still popular driveway materials, there is a wider range of materials available in this day and age.


Asphalt vs Concrete

Asphalt and concrete are both relatively inexpensive materials to use for the grand entrance of your home. It really depends on whether you want a bold white or black driveway. We wouldn’t suggest changing the oil on a concrete driveway, but you can certainly do maintenance on your car on an asphalt driveway. Speaking of maintenance, concrete can be laid down and forgotten about (if it is installed properly) whereas, asphalt takes some extra T.L.C.

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With decades of experience and a highly qualified team, Lush can make your outdoor living dreams come true. Check out our gallery for ideas and inspiration.

Gravel & Crushed Stone
While crushed stone and gravel have quite a lot in common, the main difference is the aesthetic effect of crushed stone. Crushed stone obviously comes in a wide range of colours. Both gravel and crushed stone are relatively inexpensive, but they will both need to be replaced over time.


Brick & Cobblestone
Brick and cobblestone are both excellent choices when it comes to creating an extraordinary curb appeal for your Auckland home. Reminiscent of days gone past, both brick and cobblestone are premium materials that stand out from the crowd. While both of these materials are more expensive than other options, if installed correctly (choose Lush and it will be!) they will last for decades.


Composite Pavers in a Circle or a Y-Shape or an S-Shape
As we discussed with garden pavers, composite materials are extremely versatile and relatively affordable. You can make your driveway, your grand entrance into any shape your heart desires. If you can dream it, we can build it. The main thing with any material you choose is that it is installed right the first time. Here at Lush, we pride ourselves on getting the job done right, on time, and on budget every time.


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