It all starts with a pile of dirt

And an IDEA.

Lawn Installation

The Grass is Always Greener on the Lawn that Lush Installed

A beautifully manicured lawn speaks volumes about the homeowner. Whether you are looking to spruce up your existing lawn or wanting to replace it with artificial grass, Lush can help. Some lawns simply can’t take the foot traffic of kids and pets, while others diminish due to lack of nutrients and essential maintenance. Depending on your particular situation, we can suggest the perfect lawn or maintenance program for your property.


A Great Lawn Starts with the Right Soil

During our free consultation service, we will ask you if this is to be a “trophy lawn” or whether it will be used by your family and friends. Next we will inspect the soil and whether or not the area in question gets too much or not enough sunlight. Regardless of your answers, our certified horticulturists will have the perfect solution for your property.

Get the Lush Touch:

  • Lawn Aeration/Dethatching
  • Disease, Insect & Weed Control
  • Garden Planting and Soil Improvement (feeding, mulching)
  • Decks/Fencing/Gates/Retaining Walls/Pergolas
  • Drainage and Irrigation Systems
  • Paving for Paths/Driveways
  • Pool Landscaping/Lighting/Outdoor Fire pits/Outdoor Kitchens

A Lush Lawn All Year Long


Our certified horticulturists will have the perfect solution to keep your lawn looking spectacular all year long. Let Lush make your outdoor living fantasies a reality. Check out our Gallery for inspiration and ideas.

Lawn Aeration & Fertilisation are Key Components in a Beautiful Lawn
Before we do anything, we will make sure that your soil is in good condition. It must have the proper nutrients in order for grass to thrive. Lawn aeration is just a fancy term for breaking up compact soil so that your lawn will get enough water and nutrients to survive. The right fertiliser will not only make the grass healthier, it will give weeds a run for their money. A healthy lawn requires a certain amount of nitrogen. Our experienced horticulturists will know exactly how much or how little your particular lawn requires


Hydroseeding/Instant Lawns/Synthetic Turf
While the overall environmental benefit of artificial grass remains a bit controversial, there are other benefits that cannot be denied. Obviously, the lack of ongoing maintenance and the durability are big selling points. Whichever option you choose, we will make sure it is installed right the first time. We can also help with the ongoing maintenance for those of you that prefer real grass over the many artificial options.


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