It all starts with a pile of dirt

And an IDEA.

Garden Drainage / Irrigation

We Manage Water Wisely – Keeping the Environment – Yours & Ours – as our #1 Priority.

Our philosophy about irrigation and drainage systems is simple. We consider irrigation like insurance – there when it is absolutely necessary. If your landscape design is installed properly, you won’t be using water unnecessarily. Water is a valuable resource and we use it wisely. We keep the environment – both yours and ours – at the top of the list. Lush is known for implementing creative and practical solutions that keep everyone’s best interests in mind.


With over 20 yrs of Experience, we know how to keep your Garden watered in the summer, and dry in the winter.

Sometimes all you need a garden renovation that will eliminate these pesky problems to begin with – so you won’t have to spend countless hours worrying about the elements. Sometimes all it takes is a simple irrigation or drainage system that can be done fairly quickly. Other times we will have to call our trusted subcontractors in to help install the more complicated irrigation systems. Regardless, we have a solution that will fit your needs and your budget. If we can’t do it, we know that someone that can. We’re not about guesswork – we’re all about teamwork.

Leave it to Lush to:

  • Drip Irrigation, Head to Head Sprinkler Spacing, Channel Drains, PVC Drainage
  • Garden Planting and Soil Improvement (feeding, mulching)
  • Decks/Pergolas/Fencing/Gates/Retaining Walls
  • Paving for Paths/Driveways
  • Pool Landscaping/Lighting/Outdoor Fire pits/Outdoor Kitchens

Keep Your Garden Looking Lush All Year Long


Take a look at our Gallery. Get your free consultation today and let’s come up with a plan to maintain, improve, or revamp your Auckland property.

Lush can Help Maintain Your Landscape with proper hydration & drainage.
We know how to keep your garden in prime condition during the rainy months of winter and our sun-scorched summers. We’ve dug around in a lot of clay-based soil from the North Shore to Millwater. We know what works and what is just an expensive waste of time. We’ll take the time to explain what it takes to get your garden hassle-free through all the seasons.


Don’t Let Dodgy Drainage Issues Dampen Your Lawn
If you’ve got drainage issues, it can lead to rotting trees, plant disease, soil erosion and even house flooding. Sometimes all it takes is a few guys and a shovel, and sometimes it takes one guy and a big digger. Regardless of the size of your space, or the size of your problem, we’ve got a solution that fits everyone’s needs. At Lush, we know our limitations, but we also know just who to call to get the job done. We can project manage your garden renovation from concept to completion.


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