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And an IDEA.


Pergolas are a Perfect Addition to Decks or Patios
A pergola is a simple structure, but when added as an extension to a deck or patio, it adds definition, provides extra protection from the elements, and has several other practical uses that Auckland gardeners or flower-enthusiasts tend to love. Some nay-sayers may complain that they have no practical uses other than being a large garden ornament. While pergolas undeniably are generally used as an aesthetic accent, if done properly, they can also be practical. Here at Lush, we are all about combining aesthetics and practicality.


How to Turn Your Pergola into Something Beautiful & Practical
New Zealand boasts some of the most beautiful plants and flowers – many of which grow straight up out of the ground. Give it time and water and watch as those plants intertwine themselves around the boards – creating a beautiful shelter – half-man-made, half-au-natural. Our team of certified horticulturists will be able to show you how to get the process started (or we can do it for you) and then how to maintain your private sanctuary. There are other man-made options like:

Leave it to Lush for:

  • Garden Planting and Soil Improvement (feeding, mulching)
  • Decks/Fencing/Gates/Retaining Walls
  • Drainage and Irrigation Systems
  • Paving for Paths/Driveways
  • Pool Landscaping/Lighting/Outdoor Fire pits/Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Living with a Lush Touch


Check out our gallery to see some of the ways we’ve transformed Auckland gardens from the Remuera to Coatesville. We are happy to work with you or work off the plans of a certified landscape architect.

Lush Subcontractors are the Best in the Business
Whether we are handling your landscaping project from concept to completion or project-managing your garden design based on another landscape architect’s plans – you can rest easy knowing that we have it under control. We have been in the business long enough to know who we can trust to get things done on time, every time.


At Lush, everything we build, plant or create – we keep the following things in mind:


Aesthetics: It has to be visually appealing. New Zealand boasts one of the most beautiful, natural landscapes on Earth and we refuse to do anything that does not accentuate our land’s natural beauty. We may be tradies, but we are artists at heart.
Practical: If you can’t or aren’t going to use it, we are not going to build it. Simple. We listen carefully to your needs and will give you helpful suggestions based on years of experience.
Durable: We all know a lot of pretty things tend to be fragile. So we will tell you – honestly – how long materials will last you, and what you (or we, if you choose to hire us for landscape maintenance) will need to do on a regular basis to keep your garden looking good.


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