Takapuna Landscaping Project

Takapuna Landscaping Project

Decking, Timber Screens, Lawn, Paving, Lighting, and Painting

Client Overview and Project Introduction

Welcome to our blog post about the Takapuna Landscaping Project on Aucklands North Shore

In this project, our clients, Nick and Clare, had two young boys and a lovely Ragdoll cat. The existing landscape was outdated, with old cobble edging, a poorly functioning space, visible utility area, sloping lawn, and a lack of security. With a budget ranging from $35,000 to $45,000, the clients were looking for a transformation.


Client’s Vision and Project Requirements


Nick and Clare had a clear vision for their Takapuna landscaping project, including the following requirements

  1. New Deck and Spa Area: The clients desired a new deck with a designated spa area to enhance their outdoor living space.
  2. Timber Stairs: The addition of timber stairs was crucial to create a seamless connection between the deck and the lawn.
  3. New Lawn: A new, visually appealing lawn was requested, and the clients opted for instant lawn and tall fescue. The sloping issue was to be resolved by adding a step to the utility area.
  4. New Garden Edging: A simple and clean look was desired for the garden edging, using painted black 100 by 50mm H4 timber, securely pegged in place.
  5. Modern Look around the Bin Area: The clients wanted to update the bin area with a more contemporary feel, achieved by replacing the old cobblestones with larger pavers and adding a gate and screen for privacy.
  6. Access over Lawn to Utility Area: A practical solution was required to provide access over the lawn to the utility area. Porcelain tiles laid on a bed of concrete were chosen for their smart appearance.
  7. Screening: Screens were to be added to the decking area, along with a gate, to create privacy and a more intimate atmosphere. The gate and screens were to be painted to match the existing fence.
  8. Garden Lighting: Mood lighting was desired to enhance the overall ambiance. Strip LED lighting was incorporated into the screens and fence, creating a stunning effect during nighttime.





Project Execution and Challenges

To meet the clients’ needs for the Takapuna landscaping project, we undertook the following steps:


1. New Deck and Spa Area

We began by removing the existing shed and excavating to the correct depth. The new deck was constructed using 90mm Kwila timber, providing additional strength to accommodate the spa. The deck was carefully painted to ensure a seamless integration with the existing deck.


2. Timber Stairs

We built timber stairs that mirrored the look of the deck, creating a cohesive design.


3. New Lawn

The old lawn was replaced with instant lawn and tall fescue. Premium lawn mix was brought in to create a level surface, and a step was added to address the sloping issue, providing easy access to the utility area.


4. New Garden Edging

For a clean and contemporary look, we used 100 by 50mm H4 timber painted in black. The edging was securely pegged in place, defining the garden borders.


5. Modern Look around the Bin Area

We replaced the old cobblestones with larger pavers, giving the area a more modern feel. A gate and screen were added for both privacy and aesthetic appeal.


6. Access over Lawn to Utility Area

To provide access over the lawn to the utility area, we laid porcelain tiles on a concrete bed, achieving a visually pleasing and functional solution.


7. Screening

Screens were installed in the decking area, along with a matching gate, enhancing privacy and creating a cozy atmosphere. The gate and screens were meticulously painted to blend seamlessly with the existing fence.


8. Garden Lighting

Strip LED lighting was carefully integrated into the screens and fence, adding a captivating glow to the outdoor space during evenings.

Throughout the project, we encountered several challenges, including matching the new deck height with the existing structure, limited access due to a tight site and shared driveway, manual earthworks due to space constraints, and the difficulties of painting in cold weather with extended drying times.




Project Conclusion

The Takapuna Landscaping Project came together beautifully, with each element complementing the others. The meticulous painting of the timber played a significant role in achieving a cohesive look. Nick and Clare were fantastic to work with, and we thoroughly enjoyed bringing their vision to life.



We are extremely pleased with the exceptional job that the Lush team did in designing and executing our garden upgrade. They extended the deck, built new fences and gates, laid pavers, leveled and relaid the lawn, and took care of painting and other odd jobs. We were impressed by their attention to detail and how seamlessly they integrated the changes with the existing deck and outdoor spaces. They went above and beyond, even tackling additional painting and odd jobs, and maintained excellent communication throughout the process. Thank you so much for the outstanding results. We couldn’t be happier!